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ELCON has both an in-house and Consultant design engineering facility which enables designs to be produced speedily. As part of the total service offered, ELCON take full responsibility for all aspects of the structural design and therefore produce full working drawings, calculations etc. necessary to enable the client to obtain statutory and other approvals. The ‘L’ shaped system permits considerable flexibility in layout design configurations and lends itself to an infinite variey of designs and layouts from very simple cubicle type accommodation (student hostels, military barracks etc.) to large multi-occupancy Villas and Apartments of a high specification, together with Hotels, Hospitals and other large buildings.

The ‘L’ shape, the size and load-bearing qualities of the system gives it inherant rigidity and strength sufficent to comply with the Zone 3 requirements of the California Code for Seismic Design. The system has been proven to 42 storeys high. This design flexibility and the ability to make different sized and shaped panels, gives Architects considerable freedom to create interesting elevations. Most other systems do not have ELCON’s design flexibility and therefore mass building tends to lead to uniformity and dullness.